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Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector

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Bring the galaxy indoors

Enter the Galaxy from within your bedroom. The Galaxy projector is a device that projects the night sky in your room using High-Quality Light and Laser Techniques. Once the Galaxy projector is on, you'll be immersed in your personal Galaxy full of starry night lights, nebula clouds, and water waves. Enjoy the amazing views from the comfort of your home!


Color changing mode

Explore up to 21 Lighting modes. You can combine any variation of red green blue and white, or you can fade through different color modes. Make your own soothing effect that feels natural to your liking. Never get bored and relax the night away with the combinations your Galaxy Projector can make!



Play music using Bluetooth 

Enjoy your favorite music using Bluetooth! Easily pair this projector device to a phone or other device and use volume control!



Control from anywhere with the included remote
You don’t need to get up just to adjust the settings on this galaxy projector! Easily play music, change light settings, or switch on and off from the comforts of your bed. 



Relax with an automatic sleep timer

No need to worry about leaving this night light on an entire night! This comes with an adjustable timer that you can set to shut off anytime you want. 


  • Package Includes: 
  •  Led Galaxy Projector
  •  Micro USB Charging Cable
  •  Remote Control
  •  Instruction Manual


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